Including: Warm Bamboo massage, NO HANDS® massage, Aromatherapy, Rahanni healing, Bowen and Emmett technique. Please keep reading for more information about each treatment.


Warm Bamboo Full Body Massage - 1 hour

Brings an extreme sensation of relaxation and wellbeing, reduces tension, makes the skin supple, relieves knots and tightness in muscles/tendons, stimulates blood and lymph flow. Warm bamboo gives a deep tissue massage that helps to ease aches and pains, regenerates and revitalises you giving you more energy. It also relaxes the mind and body

Warm Bamboo Facial - 45 minutes

This type of facial is very different from a normal facial. The use of warm bamboo tools helps to relax facial muscles by increasing the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the facial area, leaving your skin soft and supple with an amazing sensation of relaxation. A wonderful gift to give and is an amazing treatment to experience for yourself!

NO HANDS® Full Body Massage - 1 hour

This is an unbelievable experience; the massage will make you feel as if your whole body is being massaged with one continuous stroke. The massage can be as deep or as light as your body requires on the day. It is powerful whatever depth you feel you need. It can release tight muscles, reduce stress and tension held in your whole body, giving you a feeling of release, relaxation and rejuvenation. This unique approach to massage is tailor made to you and can work not only on your physical body but your emotions, energy, mind and spirit, providing you with a total body release.

Structural Release - 1 hour

By using some of the deepest bodywork techniques on the planet you will feel amazing. When your spine, hips and neck are functioning freely, your blood and lymph will flow easier. This will give you better health and energy so you will be able to cope with the day ahead. 

Colon Massage - 40 minutes

This is a gentle approach to colon health and it can produce startling results. This is totally a naturopathic treatment and allows you the client to stay in charge and for your body to rebalance naturally. I will work gently but deeply allowing the muscles of your major elimination organs to regain health without any harmful interventions.

Clothed Massage - 45 minutes

This massage is performed through a towel while you are fully clothed. It's great if you don’t want any oil on you (maybe you are going out or going to work). If you haven’t experienced a massage before and feel awkward about taking your clothes off, have a skin condition, or are disabled, you can still have a beautiful deep, light or powerful massage through a towel and feel great. 

Nervous System Massage - 45 minutes

This massage can affect your whole body. By working your Nervous system very subtly on your neck it can leave you feeling nurtured, regenerated or buzzing with energy this treatment can take healing to a new level.

Aromatherapy Massage - 1 hour

Aromatherapy is a truly holistic therapy treating the mind, body and spirit. This is brought about by using pure essential oils which are extracted from plants, leaves stems, roots, fruits and flowers that all have their own unique healing properties. The essential oils are absorbed into your body via the massage and inhalation of the oils. This can bring about a deep state of relaxation and will assist your body to regain balance, also give your mind and body a feeling of wellbeing.

Aromatherapy can assist with the following:

  • The immune system
  • Growth of new cells
  • Attack bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Prevent spread of airborne infection
  • Reduce oedema
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce tension
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Simulate immune system

4 Elements Massage

Bowen Technique

NO HANDS® 4 Elements Treatment - 1 hour

This treatment uses the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Since the ancient Greeks western culture has related our individual health to these four elements which is known as the healing power of nature. Hippocrates called it (Vis Medicatrix Naturae) bringing about homeostasis, balance to the body.

We are now witnessing a rising tide of systemic type illnesses and chronic conditions caused by stress of modern-day life. This massage offers you a chance to rebalance yourself with Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each elemental massage works differently with your bodies energy systems, each treatment gives your body a chance to rebalance itself. If you are interested in this massage and want to learn I will be happy to explain more.     

Detox Treatment - 1 hour

This treatment is great to have anytime but particularly after a holiday or after Xmas to give your body a kick starts for the New Year. It is a combination of the reflex and colon treatment it works physically, energetically and biochemically and is one of the most holistic treatments around. Great for a Xmas gift for your nearest and dearest or a Friends Birthday they will truly thank you.

Reflex Treatment - 45 minutes

Stimulating the reflexes is as old as bodywork itself its even shown on ancient Egyptian tomb walls. This approach closely adheres to Eunice Inghams the founder of Reflexology’s work with added new ways of working on the feet. The result is a powerful combination of old and new. Why not give it a try you will feel great and be amazed at what and where in your body will release.

Bowen Technique - 45 minutes

The Bowen technique consist of a series of moves across muscle, tendons and other soft tissue using my fingers and thumbs on specific areas, by applying gentle pressure to affect a movement of your tissues this gives your body an opportunity to restore its structural integrity. The majority of moves can be performed over light clothing such as a tea shirt or leggings.

There is NO:

  • Hard tissue manipulation
  • Adjustments or high velocity moves
  • Massage or use of oils Deep or prolonged pressure 

Emmett Technique - 45 minutes

Emmett Technique is known as the Chameleon Approach to body therapy. The sequence of muscle activation points used in Emmett can unlock muscle memory, this gives the brain the opportunity to set up a new state of homeostasis and provides an opportunity for the body to realign itself. Light pressure sequences are used to release problem areas and the effect can be almost an instantaneous result.

Raindrop Technique - 50 minutes

This technique originated by Dr Gary Young in the 1980s and has been taught all over the world, there are different versions of this technique but the basis remains the same. Seven therapeutic grade single essential oils and two blends are dripped along your spine, Vita flex techniques which means (vitality through the reflexes) with other simple movements using fingers and hands.

Electrical energy is induced with the pressure of the pads of the fingers on the skin, and released along nerve pathways when the electrical circuit is broken as the fingertips roll over onto the fingernail.

Reflexes on your feet are also worked on, there are many benefits to this Technique below are but a few:

  • Stimulates immunity
  • Improves Circulation and Lymph flow
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Balances the body
  • Attacks viruses  

Rahanni Celestial Healing - 30 to 50 minutes

Rahanni Celestial Healing = One of the Heart (LOVE, TRUTH, COMPASSION).

This is a powerful healing modality bringing balance to your whole body. Healing energy travels through the crown centre, along the spine, down the arms and out through the Practitioners hands to you the client. This is when easement of a condition can take place bringing Peace, Relaxation and Balance to all your bodies systems for the highest good.

We have energy centres (or chakras) that vibrate approximately 3 inches from the body. This is our life force: they connect to all of the hormones in our body plus the central nervous system. If they are out of balance then we can become physically or mentally unwell. One of the most important Chakras is the heart centre. In so many people at this time this area is not as open as it could be. When we encounter stress or absorb negativity our body suffers. This can eventually lower our immune system and our heart centre begins to close. At this point our body can become out of balance.

The healing vibration of Rahanni helps our body to come back into balance so healing can begin.

Back Massage - 30 minutes

This massage is one of the most powerful ways of releasing tension in your spine, hips and neck. This unique approach to massage means that so much more release can be achieved than by conventional massage treatments by using both my weight, gravity and working with the soft part of my forearms etc. a pain-free treatment will be tailor made for your needs.

Foot Massage - 30 minutes

This amazingly deep foot massage affects clients enormously the unique combination of deep pressure with softness often leaves my clients feeling their whole body has been released.

Head Face and Neck Massage 30 - minutes

This treatment encompasses the whole head, face, neck and shoulders. It is great to relieve headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders especially from working at a desk etc. It will leave you feeling Nurtured and Rejuvenated.

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